Adirondack Architecture

Adirondack Architecture gets its name from the Adirondack Mountains area in New York and is a type of rugged Architecture style mostly associated with great camps. The Architects often construct the camp within an irregular wooded landscape. The origin of this type of Architecture can be traced back to as early as 1877 when land developer William West Durant began the construction of the very first of his Great Camps on Long Point in Raquette Lake, New York. Instead of constructing just 1 building, he designed it into numerous building each with its own purpose.  The building was all clustered together within a single campus province and was completely constructed using logs, stones, decorative branches and twigs. Today, Great Camp is a designated National Historic Landmark.

Here at Sigma College of Architecture, one of the Top Architectural colleges in South India we give special importance to such historical landmarks all across the world.