Latest Building Materials

As the years rolled by technology has stepped into each and every field and the same has happened in the case of construction. It is the duty of us Architects to stay ahead of the curve and learn more about the new age building materials that exist:

•          Translucent Concrete: Otherwise known as ‘LitraCon’ when mixed with glass fiber and optical strands can be used in flooring and pavement and are known to be more stable and great lighting.

•          SensiTile: The concrete of the tiles is embedded with acrylic fiber optic channels that transfer light from one point to another. What’s its application you ask? - As you walk across your kitchen floor to get something from the refrigerator, the floor twinkles with lighted path that guides your way through the dark room.

•          Flexi comb: It is made from thousands of closely packed polypropylene tube that will bend in the convex direction while remaining rigid in the concave one. It is so versatile that it can be used for almost any imaginable purpose including building lighting fixtures, furniture and sculptural installations.

•          Self-Repairing Cement: The cement is mixed with microcapsules that release a glue-like epoxy resin that will automatically repair any cracks that form. It also has the property to regulate heat.

•          Bendable Concrete: This new concrete is around 500 times more resistant to cracking than regular concrete thanks to the tiny fibers. This concrete has a much longer life expectancy as well.


Here at Sigma College of Architecture, one of the top Architectural Colleges in South India we incorporate these new age advancements into our curriculum.