Anthropology in Architecture

Anthropology in Architecture refers to the relationship between man and the environment he has built. The relationship between man’s culture and the environment he lives in has always been interwoven interrelated and definitely integrated. This result is understood through what man has built in the past, what he is currently building and what he will build in the future. It travels through man’s first structures during the early evolution stages up until the current skyscrapers and further into what he will erect up next. Anthology also involves the Architect to understand the beliefs and values of the people such as their religion and its influence to their lives, their social norms and people’s way of life. The utilization of the space in the building is affected by culture of these people who inhabit the building.


Here at Sigma College of Architecture, one of the top Architectural Colleges in South India we give special importance to these noteworthy aspects while designing a building.