Architecture of Cathedrals

A cathedral is a big church that is usually under the control of a bishop and if it one of the medieval ones they will be located in the centre of a town or city. Most cathedrals are built in the shape of a cross. The main entrance is at the west end, lying at the bottom of the cross. Over time, cathedrals came to share a common adhere to their basic plan, although there are always exceptions. When you walk through the main front door of the cathedral, generally called the West Door, you enter into the narthex. The narthex is a congregating space, often separated from the main worship area by another set of doors. Past the narthex is the main part of the church. Generally, this main part has three central aisles. The middle aisle is called the nave. The front of the nave is intercepted by a long perpendicular section called the transept. Towers and domes were often built over the crossing. Cathedrals have been built in almost every architectural style. The most common among them include:

•          Byzanthine

•          Romanesque

•          Gothic

•          Renaissance

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