Wood in Architecture

It is quiet hard to believe that one of humankind’s oldest building materials – Wood has acquired an importance as any other building material only a few years ago. The problem arises because most people associate wood to cabins, stick-frame housing and other conventional forms of architecture when in reality wood has numerous advantages namely,

•          Lightweight

•          Flexible

•          Renewable

•          High load bearing capacity

Wood is slowly making its way back into our lives thanks to the modern architecture where large commercial structures, pavilions, energy-saving facades and even skyscrapers have wooden constructs in them. In fact wood can be used for larger dimensions without any difficulties but the major factor that hinders in its more frequent use is the prejudices and knowledge deficits of clients. There is a wide spread misconception that wood is easily combustible but to bring it into perspective let’s make some comparisons: Glass conducts heat 23 times faster than wood, marble 90 times faster, steal 1650 times faster and aluminum a 7000 times faster.