Uses of Clay in Architecture

Clay has been one of the oldest building materials as it has been around for a few centuries. The manufacturing processes have also evolved over the years, which have reduced wastage and toxic environmental impacts whereas enhanced the quality of the final product. It is on its way to become of the most preferred building materials for all types of green buildings, the current trends in Architecture and interior design are seeing a revival in the usage of clay bricks. Clay is one of the few organic materials ensures zero wastage of the raw material at all. Clay bricks are one of the most preferred building materials over glass and steel as not only they are sustainable but also comply with numerous government rating standards as well. Cay is one of the most sustainable design materials due to the following features:


•             Extremely energy efficient

•             Improved Facades

•             Lower Cost

•             Thermal superiority

•             Water cost-effectiveness

•             Durability& Sturdiness

•             Effective Usage of Raw Materials

•             Superior Acoustics

•             Better indoor Air flow

•             It is a renewable material

•             Good Structural Element


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