Beach House

Some believe the perfect room to be situated within the four walls of the 5 start hotel while other claim the ground beneath and the star above serves the ideal room. In my mind the ideal room is that which has tropical breeze flowing all the time, where the sun’s tan is just perfectly on you and one can always hear the waves. That’s right, just as you guessed it I am a beach house fan. Every time I go abroad and find myself near a beach I make sure to rent a beach house shack. It is often built so as to accommodate the high tide and during such scenarios one feels that one is in a secluded island and in my mind the perfect place to be serene and lost with your thoughts. From an Architecture point of view one needs to have a lot of safety features in mind while designing the house. It needs to be sturdy to the unpredictable strong winds and tides. It should be able to resist the salty winds from damaging. It should be made with the right materials.

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