Superimpose Architecture

Many a time, Architecture plays the pivotal role in shaping up the community and such an initiative is what MICR-O aims to play in rural Tai Yang Valley, West of Hangzhou, China. The valley, with bamboo and rice fields, is home to one hundred local farming families and the Sun Commune initiative hopes to raise awareness of sustainable farming and promoting healthy living and outdoor activities. Throughout the year, kids from Hangzhou and Shanghai will camp and learn about nature at MICR-O. On site workshops and physical models by the Architects will be used as communication tools to teach the local villagers how to realize the design.

The project has a white circular education center and a white canvas which covers the ring-shaped portion of the structure. The building encircles an open-air deck and the structural A-frame houses a ninety-degree angled triangle. These wooden A-frames are left exposed along the length of the building.

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