Floating Houses

The Manhattan's Pier 40 which was built in 1962 will soon fall into turmoil following rising sea levels.  It has been predicted that in 50 years the tidal river could be 1.3 to 1.9 meters higher which would mean that the current pavilions would be completely submerged by water. It is in light of this that New York Architecture studio DFA has imagined a series of latticed apartment towers for the pier. DFA's conceptual proposal envisions a square-shaped Pier with 19 cylindrical high-rises, wrapped in golden net-shaped window frames and planting. Ranging from 29 to 138 meters the towers would be set in 11 clusters comprising thousands of steel H-pile girders reinforced with concrete and sunk into the river. The residences in the towers would be elevated 1.5 meters above expected storm surge levels as one of a series of ways to protect the complex from flooding caused by sea-level rise. Other resilient features of the complex include a series of pods that will float around the pier to act as a buffer to damage during storms.

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