Ocean Spiral

Atlantis might soon be more than a work of fiction.  Shimizu Corporation together with Tokyo University and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology has unveiled the concept for ‘Ocean Spiral’ back in 2014. The design envisions a 500-metre-diameter spherical city settlement at surface level, which harnesses the resources of the ocean to allow it to be entirely self-sufficient. It has mainly two important elements. One is the spherical city which has a tower capable of accommodating homes and workspaces for up to 5,000 people. The second element is a spiral structure that connects the city with a base station on the ocean floor, 2.5 miles down. This element is designed to provide the city with essential resources such as energy, fresh water and food. Drinking water is obtained by a process called reverse osmosis membrane desalination which utilizes the high pressures naturally found at lower depths in the ocean to purify seawater. The base station would also be used to mine natural resources from the seabed.

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