Forest City in Mars

Colonizing Mars has been a dream project for many a brilliant mind on our humble Earth and to make this fantasy a reality Stefano Boeri in collaboration with Tongji University's Future City Lab and the Chinese Space Agency has put forward a hypothetical project that could be built on Mars consisting of ‘vertical forest towers’. The Italian architect has planned similar towers for cities around the world including Lausanne, in Switzerland, Utrecht in the Netherlands, and Nanjing in China. The towers' living facades create an urban habitat for wildlife; filter out dust from the city below, while providing a humid, oxygen-rich micro-climate for the occupants of the building. In June 2018, Boeri hoped to construct an entire city in China covered in such vertical forests towers. The Forest City will provide homes to 30,000 and the entire structure would be equipped to release 10,000 tons of CO2 a year, while producing 900 tons of oxygen.

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