Sky?li is a conceptual cabin designed by Stockholm-based Utopia Arkitekter that has a tent-like structure which can prove to be a shelter for mountaineers and was nominated for an award at the World Architecture Festival 2017. The design can house up to 15 personnel. It consists of a colour-coated steel outer shell which is called GreenCoat, the material is created using a bio-based technology and can withstand temperatures below freezing and high exposure to UV radiation, and is resistant to corrosion, making it the ideal material for high altitudes and mountain weather. The structure will features two entrances, placed at both the north and south points so that one is always shielded from the wind. The revolutionary building is split into four parts internally - There are two for resting and sleeping, the third space is a dining wing while the fourth room accommodates cooking equipment. Other features that have been included into the design include:

•          Space for a composting toilet.

•          self-draining tanks in the outer shell for storing rain water

•          Solar panels and to charge devices and light the interiors

•          Designed for maximum stability and visible from a distance


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