The Upside down Sausage

Renowned Event, Design Miami collectors fair had a unique and unexpected entrance.  New York studio Snarkitecture had created a shaded social space at the entrance for the event by making use of inflatable vinyl materials. The shape adopted was that of a weiner or sausage and was hung from top to bottom, projecting a reverse Architecture. Artist and designer of Snarkitecture - Daniel Arsham spoke of how he always planed “to make objects perform in unexpected ways and do things that they shouldn't really be doing”. He also speaks of how he only uses limited materials for his designs and even in this case the materials that must have other wised use for tents is what he transformed to his creation. Architect Alex Mustonen added: "A lot of times when we’re starting a project or thinking about approaching a work, it’s about looking at an existing condition, an existing space or Architecture, and analysing or exploring the materials or structures or programmes of that space [...], and looking at ways that we can either reimagine or manipulate those elements to create a sort of additional programme."


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