Concept Design by RB Systems

RB Systems design studio has come up with a novel design for a currently vacant site at 265 West 45th Street, just west of Times Square. The 1,312 feet (400 meters) tall structure is planned for just 9,604 square feet (900 square meters) which will create an extreme height-to-width ratio like never before. The entire structure will be supported by spiraling steel cables rather than columns. The twisted cables are designed for optimum wind resistance and would create a force of surface tension, resulting in a 'corset' holding the insides. The cables would be anchored in a deep foundation and tied back to the core of an Aluminium-topped structural ring. The ring would be software controlled to damper or even counteract the sways caused by strong winds. The tube-like office structure would be wrapped in faceted glass panels.


Here at Sigma College of Architecture, one of the Top Architectural Colleges in Tamil Nadu we help our students broaden their horizons by educating them on projects that challenge the natural limitations of the building.