Honeycomb Homes for the Homeless

Oslo and New York City-based Framlab founded by Norwegian designer Andreas Tjeldflaat has envisioned a project to provide homes to the numerous homeless citizens in New York. Almost every square foot of space in NYC has been claimed but the blank sidewalls of buildings that emerge and disappear as new developments come and go provides hundreds of acres of vertical lot in ‘land’, this is where Framlab hopes to create honeycomb-like clusters as temporary shelters for the homeless population that risen by 40 per cent since 2012.

The design would comprise of outer aluminium shells intended to withstand harsh weather. The inner model would encase 3D-printed wall structures made from recycled polycarbonate. They would allow furniture, storage, lighting and appliances to be integrated into the structure all of which would be 3D-printed from bio plastic – a plant-based polymer that can biodegrade when disposed of. Each pod would house one person, in order to maintain their privacy and safety.

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