RIBA Competitions For The Gas Holder Sites

RIBA Competitions organized a competition inviting architects to redesign and repurpose the decommissioned gasholder sites across the UK. Now-a-days gas is stored and transmitted through underground main rather than being stored above ground so the gas holder sites have served their purpose and a lot of space is left unused. It is in the light of these events that RIBA has announced their competition and the six shortlisted teams are:

•          CF Architects

•          318 Studio

•          Max Architects

•          Owens Architects

•          Outpost

•          Unit Architects


 CF Architects proposed two spiraling car parks with charging points and drop-off spots for both electric vehicles.

318 Studio would convert several of the pits to create a semi-subterranean crematorium.

Max Architects has pitched a housing development surrounding a circular boating pond.

Owens Architects proposed to convert a pair of the wells into an indoor and outdoor sports center.

Outpost would create a mixed-use development housed in individual gabled blocks in the entirety of the landscape.


Unit Architects would dismantle the existing structure and replace it with telescopic cylindrical blocks.


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