The Garden of the Four Seasons

A 2,500-square-metre garden in Milan is all set to experience all 4 seasons simultaneously. Italian architect Carlo Ratti has designed a covered garden which would use climate-control technology to allow visitors to experience the four seasons at any time of year. To achieve the different climates, The Garden of the Four Seasons will employ a zero-net-energy climate control system. A heat exchanger is also kept in place to cool the winter area and heat the summer space respectively while photovoltaic panels on the roof will collect solar energy and redistribute it to the different pavilions accordingly. The Garden also includes digital sensors that will measure the levels of water, temperature, humidity and nutrients needed by each vegetable species and display them in real time It also consists of a roof membrane, which is made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) will respond to sensors and opens and closes to help maintain heat levels consistent to the seasons.


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