Adidas’s Spherical Building

Architect Neil Denari has proposed a spherical building which draws inspirations from the sports brand's recently launched P.O.D.System sneakers. The spherical structure stands at fifteen storeys tall, and incorporates 80 pods that function as spaces for both living and working. The building's spherical shape was influenced by an image Denari's team discovered of a ball of Boost material, which is made by fusing small, elliptical, thermoplastic pellets together. The pods which form the building's residential units would be made from a lightweight mesh-like material, drawing from the breathable uppers of the P.O.D.System shoe. Denari claims that the project incorporates "a whole world of sustainable ideas that represent the collective nature of living in cities. This project is really thinking about the future of lightweight materials and how they might be applied to architecture”. The P.O.D.System shoe's distinctive outsole is made up of three components, each featuring a different shock-absorbing technology and similarly the building is also constructed.

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