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Prof. Ar. Indira Kolli

B.Arch, M.Arch


With the notion that erudition and hard work are the bases of success and prosperity, I intend to build the future architects who are ardent about what they envision predicated on the past and present architecture leading them into an International world of architecture. I orchestrate to have workshops conducted both by professional architects in and abroad India to get the students the experience of the outside world prior to their own experience. By 2025, I envision to have group of exemplary architects who care about the environment, architecture, planning and unique design features of the future buildings


Architect Indira Kolli has done her Master’s degree in Architectural Conservation at SPA Delhi. She has graduated from JNTU Hyderabad carrying a boundless involvement in the field of architecture, architectural conservation and teaching. Prior to working as a Junior Faculty in Andhra University, she worked at Indian Environment Society as a conservation architect. She held various positions, like lighting architect at Lum Design Arts, Main architect at JJ Associates and was given the responsibility of a Principal holding examinations, Nata in charge at SAR College in addition to the role of an associate professor at NATA examination at MASESTRO. She played a key role in the NATA – question paper setting during 2012-2016. She also have expanded her horizons by conducting architectural awareness programs in Agiripalli region. She participated in various QIP programs and induction programs COA, along with being on the committee as a member of expert.