Who Needs an Architect?

More often than not people have the notion that an architect is called upon only to design the house of the rich. It is safe to say that this false ideology is very quickly withdrawing itself from our nation or at the very least the citizens of Tamil Nadu have not swallowed this idea as a whole.
Stating the role of an architect is pretty redundant but there are tools of the trade that people often overlook such as imagination, creativity a keen visual perspective and the ability to conceptualize and understand spatial relationships. He must also be a realistic and function within the domains of rational thinking. These are not your average skill set and not all are gifted with these. Architecture much like any field of art has heavily evolved through the years and a true architect is one who has a foresight of these changes. He must also broaden his vision and have an understanding of important concepts centralized on architecture, the first that comes to mind are the Chinese knowledge system called ‘FengShui’ and our very own ‘VaasthuShastra’. This evolution has also brought up an index of varying career opportunities that center on the base field of architecture which includes the likes of building designer, landscape architect, interior designer and many more.
So the next time you hear the word architect or architecture let the principles of dedication and perseverance be the first words in your mind and that is exactly what we preach in one of the top architecture colleges in Tamil Nadu – Sigma College of Architecture.