Architecture Visualizing Tools

Architectural Visualization is a broad term that encompasses everything from basic sketches to more sophisticated 3D renderings and interactive virtual tours of your location. It needs to be said that building design and construction is an expensive process therefore any change with regards to materials or construction mode would require extra amount. Basic sketches and floor plans are the most common way to describe their creation to the clients. However advancements in technology have introduced better modes of visualization tools such as 2D and 3D Architectural visualizations, These new age schemes comes with its own benefits which include less time, less labor, avoid expensive mid project changes if any. Studies reveal that customers prefer to see a 3D Architectural visualization of a building or development to better understand the interior, exterior, amenities and landscaping.

Here at Sigma College of Architecture we educate the students on all these latest tools to better their performance as well as their understanding of the concepts.