Role of Computers in Architecture

Let us discuss the areas where computers help or assist an Architect


•          Business Functions: They assist the Architect in areas such as

a)        Communicating with Clients

b)        Keeping records and researching.

c)         Collaboration between the Design , Engineer and Construction teams

d)        Sending proposals

•          Presentation: They assist the Architect in areas such as

a)        Creation of image boards, brochures, formal reports, slideshows and other multimedia messages.

b)        Facilitate the layout of each proposal.

•          Blueprints:  Most Architects now use computers and computer aided design (CAD) as basic tools to create and modify structural designs. Its benefits include consistency of graphic elements and accuracy of dimensions.

•          Models: Without actually creating a physical model, architects can showcase their works to best make the client understand the project.


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