Beyond the Centerline


Beyond the Centerline is a competition organized by New York real-estate company Fisher Brothers that tasks the entrants to come up with innovative ways to transform the congested boulevard along New York's Park Avenue into a hive of activity. Architects and designers have come up with a wide range of plans and ideas for the contest including:

•          An underground rock-climbing wall

•          A huge cascading waterfall

•          A route for kayaking commuters.

•          An aquarium, elevated walkways

•          An elevated basketball court and a yoga studio topped with an undulating grass roof.

•          An ice rink for skating or playing hockey

•          A waterfall that flows down the massive mountain-shaped structure

•          A made-up forest offering a habitat for wildlife

•          A subterranean level, below the streets featuring shops and cafes

•          A subterranean level, below the streets to create multiple levels for food markets, theatres, sports studio and a bouldering wall.

•          A nine-meter -tall field of stalks and a green wall

Among the 150 entries 17 has been shortlisted.