Simple and Austere Chapel

Architecture studio MAPA has designed a wooden chapel for a vineyard in Maldonado, Uruguay. The open-air chapel is located in the 101-hectare Sacromonte vineyard, in Pueblo Edén. "Neither closed nor completely open, it is a space in itself but it is part of its environment at the same time," says the studio. The structure consists of a pair of slanted walls made of cross-laminated timber – a special wood with strength comparable to steel and concrete. The walls measure six by nine meters and lean towards each other to rest on a black steel frame at the top. The inside of the structure houses a gridded metal floor, and a pair of long struts that raise it above the uneven ground. There are no walls on the shorter sides, so the interior is left exposed to the elements on those 2 sides. The Chapel was put together in 24 hours with all its components made in a factory in Portugal which were sent to the rural setting. The building is a shrine for the Virgin of La Carrodilla, who is celebrated as one of the most well-known patron saints of vineyards. The Chapel has a puncturing a black box through one of its slanted walls to provide a shrine for the patron saint of winemakers.


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